The daily chart gives us a bullish signal. If we look at the 4H chart, we can see a fail attempt to break SMA100 and the strong resistance level. The market formed a new swing high which can be used for placing pending orders for buy. If the price can move above this level, we’ll get a trend reversal signal and a new buy opportunity. Long trades will be opened in the same direction as the main movement on the higher time frame. Entry level is 0.035300 with stop orders at 0.029500 level. Profit targets are 0.042000 for short term and 0.050000 for long term trades. If you don’t use leverage, trading volume for this trade is up to 10% from your deposit.

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Market: ETCETH
Buy: 0.035300
Stop: 0.029500
Profit Targets: 0.042000 and 0.050000

The trading signal is based on Poloniex chart.
Disclaimer: The analyst does not have investments in Ethereum Classic.